Donaldsonville Newspaper Chronology

(Click on the links below to see images of some of the newspapers from Donaldsonville's past.)

1816: The Creole by J. C. St. Romes; he also published The Louisiana Courier at New  Orleans

1826: The Lafourche Gazette or Gazette de La Fourche was published by George Bissett. It was produced at a location on the corner of Iberville and Lessard. Both English and French versions were published.

1827: The Donaldson Creole, a Jacksonian Gazette, by Godwin B. Cotton (not the same as 1816 The Creole; sold in 1829 to Charles W. Duhy & published twice weekly)

1828: L’Ami des Planteurs (The Planter’s Friend), date approximate

1829: The Lafourche Gazette, formerly Le Gazette de Lafourche by Charles W. Duhy

1829: The Creole & Gazette of Lafourche, formerly The Creole & The Lafourche Gazette, by  Charles W. Duhy

1830: The State Gazette, formerly The Creole & Gazette of Lafourche, by Charles W. Duhy

1831: The Lafourche Gazette, formerly The State Gazette, by Charles W. Duhy

1832: The Donaldsonville Gazette, formerly The Lafourche Gazette, by Charles W. Duhy

1833: The Republican Eagle by J. J. Regnard

1833: The Louisiana Gazette & Acadia & Lafourche Advertiser, publisher unknown

1837: The Planters Advocate by J. F. Ayraud

1838: The Ascension Herald, publisher unknown

1845: Le Vigilant, a Whig Journal, by Jean Louis Marciaq & J. Narcisse Terrio (twice  weekly in French & English (sold in 1852 to Pierre Perriez) (sold in 1856 to Edward F. Morehead)

1845: Le Louisianais (The Louisianian) by Augustin Templet & Thomas Cottmann (sold in 1845 to Joseph Murray & Daniel Whilden on condition it remain a Democratic newspaper. Templet bought back 1845 on condition he pay rent. Sold again 1845 to Eugene Foin & Philbert Dupuy.)

1848: Vox Populi (Voice of the People), short-lived; publisher unknown

1850: Le Journal de la Cote (The Coast Journal) by Prudent D’Artlys (sold in 1854 to Cleophas & Songy Mollere; sold 1855 to Pelletier, Morehead, Mathieu, Mollere, Duval, Murray & Cottmann)

1858: The Ascension Pioneer, date approximate; publisher unknown

1859: Le Drapeau de L’Ascension (The Ascension Banner) was published by Mr. Superveille at his shop on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Opelousas St

1865: The Ascension Republican by Superville; later around 1870 by Marx Schoenberg, a German-Jew  merchant who became Donaldsonville mayor in 1870 & was brutally murdered during the November 1870 election violence along with former mayor & parish judge, William C Lawes

1870: The Ascension Leader, a Republican Journal, by Morris Marks at corner of Railroad & Claiborne (sold in 1874 to Phillip Winfree; sold 1875 to Henry Winfree & J.S. Lavigne & published daily)

1870: The Donaldsonville Fraternal Union, date approx; black-owned; short-lived; publisher unknown

1870: The Ascension Citizen, date approx; short-lived; publisher unknown (not same as 2003 Asc. Cit.)

1870: The Donaldsonville Independent by Leon Phillipon; short-lived

1871: The Donaldsonville Chief, a Republican Journal, weekly by Linden E. Bentley at Crescent Place

1877: The Triune-Democrat by Gould, Winfree & Superville

1877: The Vigilant by Felix Reynaud (former editor of Ascension Banner; not the same as Le Vigilant)

1880: The Ascension Democrat, date approximate, publisher unknown

1892: The Ascension News by James Von Lotten during the Foster-McEnery campaign

1895: The Donaldsonville News by R. J. Chauvin

1895: The Donaldsonville Times by James Von Lotten & Richard McCulloh

1896: The Daily Times by James Von Lotten & J. P. Campbell (in 1911, The Daily Times & The Donaldsonville Chief were consolidated)

1899: The Daily & Weekly Democrat by R. J. Chauvin

1903: The Daily Liberty by Harris A. Chauvin

1905: The Daily Democrat by Edmund Maurin

 1907: The Donaldsonville Progress, publisher A. J. Reynolds, Alcee Rodrigue

1922: The Daily Chief by James Von Lotten (1)

(1) Chronology provided by Mr. Kirk Landry.