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Meeting Rooms


The Ascension Parish Library has a meeting room available for use at the library in Donaldsonville (seats 60), Gonzales (seats 75), (small meeting room seats 12), Galvez (seats 60), and Dutchtown (Rooms A or B seat 38 each, Rooms A and B together seat 76).
Meeting rooms are primarily designed for Ascension Parish Library programs and use, therefore, programs and activities produced and sponsored by the Library are given first priority for use of all meeting rooms.
When not needed for library purposes, the rooms may be reserved free-of-charge by not-for-profit community based civic, cultural, educational organizations, and organizations sponsoring public hearings, subject to room availability, and adherence to these guidelines.
• Groups should be familiar with, and adhere to the applicable guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
• Meeting rooms are not available for the selling, trading or promotion of products or services.
• All meetings must be free and open to the public. No admission fee can be charged. Fees for materials, if any, are not to exceed $15 per person and must be cleared by the library. All pre-registration must be handled by the presenter of the program (not by the library).
• Groups and individuals are not allowed to campaign, to rally, to raise funds, to accept donations or dues, or to solicit support at the library, unless the purpose is to benefit the library.
• Meeting rooms may not be booked for personal events, such as showers, birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc.
• Groups are not allowed to use the rooms for any program or activity that would violate public performance rights.
• Any group using a meeting room is expected to conduct its proceedings in a quiet, orderly manner so as not to disrupt normal library functions and service.
• The library reserves the right to refuse future bookings to groups that consistently fail to appear on scheduled meeting dates or do not abide by meeting room guidelines or the library's patron behavior policy.
• Groups reserving the meeting room shall not imply Library endorsement or sponsorship of their objectives, views, or events in promotion or invitation.
The meeting room is assigned on a “first come, first served” basis, must be scheduled as far in advance as possible, and can be booked by adults only [age 18 years or older]. Teenagers or children may use the meeting room only when adequate supervision by adults is provided at all times. The adult supervisors will be held responsible. Application forms are supplied by the library and must be completed and approved prior to reserving the room. A brief description of the club or group and the program shall be included on the application form. Bookings can be made on an annual basis: however, annual reservations are not automatic and should be renewed every year.
Persons requesting a meeting room must be a resident of Ascension Parish and must have a library card, in good standing, with the Ascension Parish Library.
The library also reserves the right to relocate a group to a different meeting area within the facility.
Groups or individuals misusing library property will be restricted from future use of the meeting room and will be held responsible for any damages or theft to library property. Meeting rooms cannot be used for any unlawful purposes.
When referring to the meeting location in news articles and other publicity, the official library name should be used: Ascension Parish Library.
No more than 2 meetings per day will be scheduled – one only in the morning; one only in the afternoon or evening.
Meeting room will not be booked on Sundays or library holidays. Fridays are for non-recurring  meetings only [no more than one per month per group]. Groups may schedule meetings after the library is closed but should adjourn no later than midnight. Meeting rooms cannot be booked before 8:30 am. If a group does not need a room that had been reserved, please cancel as soon as possible.
There is a policy of “No Smoking” in the library.  Light refreshments can be served at meetings, but arrangements must be made in advance with the Library. No alcoholic drinks may be served. A refrigerator is available for use during the meeting. Paper cups, garbage, etc. should be bagged when meeting is over. Meeting room and kitchen should be in order when group vacates the building. Meeting room chairs are to be arranged by group preceding the meeting and should be properly stacked when meeting is over. All articles brought into the meeting areas must be removed at the close of the program.
There should be no tape, tacks, nails, or other such items applied to walls, floors, ceilings, or other building surfaces.
Audio-visual equipment is available with arrangements made in advance. There must be a qualified operator who has successfully demonstrated (to library personnel) use of equipment prior to the meeting.
Available Items – For Use in Meeting Room Only
• Writing board
• Easels
• 16 mm projector (Donaldsonville, Galvez, Gonzales)
• VHS Video projector (Donaldsonville, Galvez, Gonzales)
• DVD Player
• TV/VCR (Donaldsonville, Galvez, Gonzales)
• TV (Dutchtown)
The library should be notified promptly of any problems with use of the building or equipment.
Restrooms must be checked and lights turned off. All other lights must be turned off when leaving.

Doors must be locked when everyone has left the building.
Keys to the meeting room must be checked out on the day of the meeting and returned to the library between 8:30AM and 9:00AM the next day on which the library is open. If the meeting room is used after the library closes, the key pouch may be placed in the book drop after the building is locked. (After 9:00AM, there will be a fine of $1.00 for each hour overdue.) Failure to return the key promptly may result in restriction of meeting room privileges.
The library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or other items owned by groups or individuals used in the library.
The library does not provide storage space for individuals or organizations.
If an emergency requires closing the library, every effort will be made to notify the contact person for the group or an officer of the organization with the reservation.
If a question is raised as to any group's use of the Meeting Rooms, the Ascension Parish Library Board of Control shall be the final authority.
Adopted by the Library Board, June 18, 1980
Revised by the Library Board, July 25, 2012
Revised by the Library Board, April 27, 2016