Meetings of the Board of Control shall be held monthly, on the last Wednesday of each month (November/December meetings may be combined), at 6:00 p.m. Quarterly financial and statistical review meetings will be held in January, April, July, and October, and alternated between Dutchtown, Donaldsonville, Galvez, and Gonzales. Other monthly board meetings will be held in Gonzales. Library Board meetings are open to the public.

2018 Library Board Meetings Schedule:

January 30 in Dutchtown

February 28 in Gonzales

March 28 in Gonzales

April 25 in Donaldsonville

May 30 in Gonzales

June 27 in Gonzales

July 25 in Galvez

August 29 in Gonzales

September 26 in Gonzales

October 31 in Gonzales

December 5 in Gonzales

Current Library Board Minutes: Minutes of the Library Board Meeting are posted after they are approved, which occurs at the following quarterly meeting (Adobe Reader required).

January 2017

April 2017

May 2017 Special Meeting

July 2017

August 2017

September 2017

October 2017

November/December 2017

*  Sandra Scallan - Chairman
*  Lauthaught Delaney, Sr. - Vice Chairman
*  Cathy Robertson - Parliamentarian
*  Robert Ryland Percy, III
*  Kathy Lambert
*  Teri Casso (ex-officio)